Finding A Balance

It is killing me that I am three weeks into this quarter – and still do not have it figured out. With weekly quizzes both during the week and on the weekends, as well as two clinical days Monday and Friday along with an online class I have to post discussions for on Wednesday and Friday – I am at a loss. Currently I am trying to spend half the week studying for pediatrics and half the week studying for OB, and then trying to fit in volunteering, two research projects, my OWN research project, and that online course. I am not complaining…it is just VERY unlike me to NOT have figured out a schedule that is a good fit for me by now. I am feeling burnt out. I am tired every single day by 2-3 and lately have chosen a nap over working out, which only leads to me not being able to sleep at a decent time later on in the evening. Anybody have any good tips? I know I have some fellow nurses that stop over every once in awhile….

Anyway. Today I put on my Zombies, Run! application and went for a 3 mile run – more walking really, the day was so beautiful and I just needed to relax. I also went grocery shopping! Here are my recipes for the next few days:

Superfood SaladTomato Feta SaladSweet n’ Spicy ChiliGreen MonstersCoconut Cookie Dough Oatmeal

I also grabbed some apples, almond butter, carrots, and hummus to snack on. Let’s hope this week is way healthier than my recent weeks have been! I don’t have any time right now to post photos – so instead I will post my new workout jam I stumbled upon today that got my booty out the door.

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  1. It seems like you are doing great things!!! I can’t wait to hear about the recipes, I’m on a hunt for easy weekday recipes!!!

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