Oh My Heat

It’s been…awhile. Too long. It isn’t that I haven’t had time, I just haven’t been running. And I feel silly having a blog with ‘runner’ in the title, when I’m not running. I might actually not like running long distances, or so I have discovered. I can enjoy up to 5 miles..after that, I just am not having fun anymore. For some reason this has turned into me not even getting my booty out the door for my shorter runs. Then, just as I got my runner motivation back, this 103 degree heat of doom started. So instead of running, I have been cooking. A lot. Like. A lot. And it has been fun. I’m starting to think I should rename my blog so that it isn’t about running…since, you know, I don’t really like to run right now. After my half marathon I don’t think I will be doing much distance running. Anyhoo. Here are some of my fabulous eats!

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado

Toasted Sesame Quinoa Chicken

Portabello Mushroom Pizzas with Green Olives

We also made amazing Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Oat Pancakes that were AMAZING and I could have eaten 50 million of them but…they filled me up. And were a little high in calories. THEY WERE SO GOOD THOUGH. I didn’t even snap a photo because I ate them up.
I’m going to attempt to run super early in the AM…then I have a full day of volunteering at a free clinic I am just starting at. I’ll post more soon :)

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