Good Morning

Hello, friends!

Well, here I sit. Desperately in need of a pedicure and a vacation.

So far this summer has been the most stressful of my life, and you can tell as I haven’t been posting much.

Besides the fact that I am not moving out until August 31st, my apartment association decided to come in yesterday and move my crap around and PAINT. Then leave. With all the windows shut. I am honestly shocked I woke up this morning after inhaling paint and lacquer fumes all evening – yuck. Also? I hate looking for new apartments. It is so stressful and I don’t have the time. Can’t someone just find a glorious place for me to live and put me there? Thanks.

Would you like to hear some good news, however? Ok :) I can finally say that I am starting my very first job as a registered nurse MONDAY!! It isn’t just any job is my DREAM JOB. I am now the newest pediatric cardiac critical care nurse in one of the nation’s top pediatric hospitals, and I cannot be more thrilled. This unit is the exact unit I have wanted to work on – and I have worked SO hard to make sure I had the opportunity to even have a chance at working there. They picked me – and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels.

No photos or fun today..just stopping in to say hello. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)

As a nurse, I wear scrubs to work. Every. Single. Time. Just like women in the business world have different tops, skirts, and dresses – I still want to have color options, different cuts, and ways to look cute. As I am still in search of the perfect scrubs for me, I was happy to do a review for Uniformed Scrubs on their spring and summer scrub looks. They sent me a scrub top in blue, and I tried it out at the clinic I volunteer at.

What I Liked
1. POCKETS! I love pockets on my scrub tops. This top has three – two large ones, and a smaller pocket inside one of the larger. That is so helpful to me – I tend to keep things like alcohol swabs, gauze, and smaller square items in that small pocket. The larger pockets I usually keep my report sheet, scissors, pen light, and all my other big objects. Basically, I won’t buy a scrub top unless it has at least three pockets!

2. Length and neckline. I liked the longer length of this scrub top. The scrub top I had to wear for school clinical was much shorter, and it was just kind of uncomfortable. The sleeves were a bit long for me on this top, but I really enjoyed the longer length. There is also a super cute little tie in the back to make the top a bit more snug. The neckline I also really enjoyed. The V-line was high enough to keep my goodies hidden when leaning over, but not so high that I felt suffocated. It also was a great place to clip my ID badge holder, and it didn’t sag at all or hit me in the neck/chin area. Fabulous. (I got a Medium, FYI)

3. Colors. They have so many different color options for scrubs! This one was a bright blue, but I really like some of the pinks and other colors as well. Check out the nurse scrub tops selection and you’ll see what I mean.

What I Didn’t Like
1. Really the only thing I didn’t enjoy about this scrub top was the material. It was mainly polyester, and polyester scrubs feel kind of like cardboard on my skin. I also tend to sweat in them, since they don’t breathe very well. After a few washes they may soften up though!

Head on over to their site to check out more medical scrubs, but I especially like checking out the looks over on their Pinterest page.

For anyone interested in trying out a pair, you can get 15% off until July 31st with the code “trueblue”!

The opinions in this review are my own, but I was sent a free scrub top by Uniformed Scrubs in exchange for a review. Also, please forgive the lack of makeup on my face and the lovely garden in the background. We aren’t allowed to take photos in my clinic or hospital settings, and I look like a zombie from studying for boards :)